Finding Conservation House

It turns out it wasn’t that difficult to find our city’s not-famous-enough Conservation House.  A landmark in building innovation and energy conservation, this test project is considered one of the world’s pioneer projects in Passive House design.  It fell off the radar for most people, including the people living in it (according to one internet article), and … Continue reading Finding Conservation House

Flush with a Good Life

Spring in Regina:  for the first weeks of its arrival, the colour of leaves and fragrance of flowers overwhelms the scenery, and for a rare moment, we prairie dwellers forget the expansiveness of the prairie sky that pushes down upon us for most of the year.  Following the long winter with little sunlight and warmth, any sight of green … Continue reading Flush with a Good Life

Challenged Perceptions of Art and Artist: Dmytro Stryjek

The MacKenzie Art Gallery was preparing a new installation, and thus limiting visitors to one area of the gallery, which currently hosts works from the permanent collection. Within the exhibit I encountered the work of Dmytro Stryjek, a Ukraine-born Saskatchewan artist. Stryjek immigrated to Canada when he was 24, and began a career with the … Continue reading Challenged Perceptions of Art and Artist: Dmytro Stryjek