By the Numbers

Alternatively: How I’d Define Education if You Asked Me To I’ve been hoping I’d get to write this post: the countdown to one year officially closes this weekend, culminating in 365 consecutive days without a migraine. This is the first time in my life that I remember being pain-free such that it almost feels normal. Last … Continue reading By the Numbers

Revision of Old-School Career Advice

On deciding on a mid-life career change: “It wasn’t an easy process to completely let go of what I had built for myself in my education and work. Part of it owed to an old belief that had been bestowed on me in childhood: that as grown-ups we’re not allowed change, to seek new opportunities, or make second chances once we have kids. Our conditioning tells us we have to stick it out and stay in the job that (at best) we don’t like. In the narratives of self-made success that dominate the stories we tell about ourselves, there isn’t room in our culture to admit that some industries are abusive and damaging, or simply too limited to provide us with meaningful work in the way that we understand ‘meaningful’.” Continue reading Revision of Old-School Career Advice

An Ending of Some Form

Every year since I began blogging, I notice that without renewing my follows, my WordPress reader becomes more sparse. I have suspected that blogs rise and die as part of a normal process of desiring to communicate hard-earned insights of our human experiences. Blogging seems a natural expression of our need to share and pass on that which we consider valuable to us. Reaching an end in our blogging might indicate a natural closure in the evolution of experience. Continue reading An Ending of Some Form

Learning from Failures: Attic Venting and Moisture Cycles

Water leaks triggered an investigation this summer, going as far as the attic and into the realm of internet research, turning up yet one more insight for a developing understanding of the ecosystems of attics. As the house evolves from insulation minimalism to a conservation experiment for an older home, we are reminded that changes are best applied as a system of upgrades rather than as by-the-piece cosmetic enhancements. Continue reading Learning from Failures: Attic Venting and Moisture Cycles