Last autumn I was giddy with enthusiasm for trees. Their falling leaves do indeed clog the gutters and eaves troughs, but the work required to address this is such a small thing next to the beauty and benefits of trees. As soon as the leaves had begun to fall in the streets in our area of […]

My intention is to return to blogging soon, and in surveying my site, I realize I need some updates, and even a new direction. But in the meantime, how to phase out the stories that launched this blog? I began this site with a focus on writing about the time my family and I lived in […]

Every one of us is probably familiar with the old idea that two people arguing will give us two different stories, even if they are based on the same events. Narrative discord and conflict is one of my favourite topics, and musing upon it has led me into countless thought scenarios of what the world […]

new snow

I am not sure when the snow began to fall today. I was ensconced in my office, writing the notes on my research for editorial proposals for one of the magazines I’ve been editing. Now, I hear a purr of snow blowers outside, calm and dark with nightfall, clearing walks and drives. In two days I will […]

laundry left overs - orphans and holes

I began this year by returning to Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way, a twelve week program of artistic and creative recovery. I found Cameron’s book only because it was given to me by my writing mentor, two years ago. It helped. I emerged on the other side of an anxiety-ridden, stressful, insightful, growth experience much calmer and more […]


A friend of mine once said, in a moment of frustration, “I just want to be homeless. I want to walk away from everything and live on the street.” Then he added, “Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?” Sometimes I wonder if anyone can pursue money and material rewards and remain sane. I mean, of course, we […]

The Big Wheel

  A post that I published one year ago today, it received little traffic in the infancy of my blog, but for the subject and the photos, it remains one of favourite. So, here’s adding to the “r’s” of recycling, reducing and re-using - a re-post: The history of Weyburn is depicted in the Big Wheel, a […]

three white buildings

Another update from the Saskatchewan road.  Swathed canola waiting for the combine.  Forty-five days prior these three white buildings were floating in a field of yellow, blooming canola. My friend Sharon, who is pilot of her own hot air balloon, has told me that canola fields are the worst place to land.  The cut stems of the […]

the brown

Forty-five days prior I caught an image of this barn.  At the beginning of August the fields were green, the canola was blooming yellow.  Now the fields are their variant shades of yellow, the wheat straw is the lightest shade–nearly blonde–and the flax (the blue-flowering crop) is the darkest, almost orange.  Harvest is here, the brown is upon us. The image before, […]

Condie Nature Refuge

Saturday my family and I visited Condie Nature Refuge north of Regina, Saskatchewan.  We had a later start to the morning than we planned, delayed by our visit with some of the water polo players who were canvasing the neighbourhood for a fundraiser.  The light had grown too bright for good photos but I took my camera nonetheless.  Then I […]


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